Some (those of my friends who were kind enough to listen to me ramble about this company) may know that Red Husky Media has its origins in two radio talk shows, Two Guys Talking and Pop Culture Jukebox. They’d also be quick to tell you that the company is named after my dog, Dante, but that’s neither really here nor there.

Ryan, one of my closest friends, and I did what we always do: made bad jokes, shared our favorite music, and talked about Star Wars. The only difference was now we were doing it over the air. What we began to realize was we had a platform where we could help talented local artists gain some momentum. They could discuss their new album, promote an upcoming show, or talk about the creative process. Over the years we had musicians, comedians, poets and even the AIG whistleblower. But it wasn’t until I began working on my senior thesis that the idea for Red Husky would come to me.

My talk show co-host, Ryan, and I.

To graduate from my business college with honors, students had to write a thesis. Most chose to develop business plans. I followed suit. In my case, however, my plan would be executed before the paper was turned in. My friends and colleagues would ask “so, what does this business do?” I assumed this was – in part – the question I had to answer in my paper. I would go on to write:

The concept is simple:  publish engaging content across the board.  Music, film, video games, comic books, short stories, podcasts, television, YouTube shows, blogs/publications, comedy and live shows/events.

I’m happy to say we’ve seen moderate success in that goal. But what Red Husky Media has grown into is so much more to me, personally, now than it ever was. Call it what you will, an entertainment label, an artist collective, and art brand. What RHM is now is what those radio shows were back then: a platform to help my creative friends find success. Doing what I do means meeting new incredible people, and in turn helping them create and promote their works of art.

Dante and I.

With all that being said, Red Husky isn’t slowing down. I’m pleased to announce I am working with a very talented musician to get an album produced. We’re also almost to the point of begging for money to get a short film made. That I can talk about a little more than the album.

One of my oldest friends, Conner Doyle, brought a script to me that I loved immediately. So for a couple months now we’ve been setting the stage to get it filmed. What we realized is that two recent college graduates don’t quite have the money needed to make a movie (go figure). So we created an IndieGoGo Campaign that is ending in a month. If you’re interested, we built in some pretty cool perks for donating to get Scenes From a Park Bench made.

As always, if you’re curious about how you and Red Husky Media can help each other, please reach out. Obviously we’d love if you checked out our catalog, and maybe sent a little cash the artists’ direction. And we’d be eternally grateful if you donated to the short film’s crowdfunding campaign. But, honestly? I’m just glad you made it to the end of this blog post. RHM will continue fighting to help friends be creative. We believe in the power of art, and want to enable that in any way possible.