I know it’s been radio silence from us for a little while. But it hasn’t been for naught! I’ve been working on a new platform, built for you all to discover new video games, music, movies, podcasts and more!

I’d like to introduce The Howl. It’s a cross-over between a weekly newsletter – filled with curated entertainment options – and a catalog of Bite-Sized Reviews. Born out of a need to write about the things I love, a need to share these things with my friends, and a want to provide something I’ve always wanted for myself: a place to discover really great entertainment. It took a lot of work, and almost constant tinkering, to create the site and email newsletter. But I’m happy to announce that the site is live, and the first email will go out on Tuesday, 4/30!

If you’re already subscribed to to Red Husky Media email updates, you’ll be getting a sneak preview of the first issue (in email form) on Tuesday. But you’re more than welcome to go take a look at it now: “Issue #1: A New Beginning.” I won’t spoil what’s inside, you’ve got to see for yourself!

If you’re not subscribed to updates from Red Husky Media, you can do so from the home page. If you want to subscribe to future newsletters from The Howl, you can do it below!

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