March 2017

Revisiting Platformers and Banjo Kazooie

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This is a cross-post from Doctors of Gaming. Platonic Games' Yooka-Laylee will be released in just shy of a month. The crowdfunded project raised over £2.1 million (that's $2.6 million) back in 2015, and platformer fans have been waiting anxiously ever since. Yooka-Laylee promises to be "A Collect-Em-Up For The Modern Era," that will even feature music by David Wise and [...]

December 2016

The Idle Class Magazine and “Christmas 2016”

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Red Husky would like to extend a big thank you to The Idle Class for helping to promote our holiday album "RHM Presents: Christmas 2016."  Here's a small excerpt from their post: This month, musicians with Fayetteville roots came together to spread holiday cheer. Artists Ryan Kerr, Ethan Sumrall, Jared Dunn, and St. Radio reimagined their favorite [...]

June 2016

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